Saturday, March 19, 2011

Signs of Life

With the warmer weather this past week, I've seen signs of life on our farm.

Nine 'Victoria Rhubarb' plants that I started from seed last year are returning!

Our new raspberry bushes are living and beginning to sprout new leaves. The blueberry bushes are also looking good and it looks like we might have our first great harvest from them.

Daffodils are beginning to bloom.

Day lilies, daffodils and tulips are peaking through the mulch. Jorene planted over 400 tulips last fall and they are popping up everywhere!

And new chicks have arrived on the farm! Liam and I picked up 10 Dominique / Barred Rock chicks this morning from a neighboring farm. She has a 600 egg incubator and it was filled with eggs. They were nice enough to show Liam a baby chick hatching from an egg.

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