Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Starting Peppers

Liam helped me start our pepper seeds tonight. He is going to be a gardener, I just know it. He loves to help in the gardens and has taken over the watering of our seedlings each day. He did a very good job putting the tiny pepper seeds into the the individual cells. His little fingers are probably more adept at it than mine.

These are the peppers we are growing, all from Baker Creek and open-pollinated, non-GMO.

California Wonder: An excellent green bell pepper of nice size and very good yield; a popular old-time variety.

Golden California Wonder: Colorful golden bells that are very sweet and tasty. Gold peppers are superb for fresh eating, great for kitchen or market gardens.

Golden Marconi: A late Italian pepper with beautiful, big, yellow, 7-inch tapering fruit that are very sweet and great for frying or fresh. This wonderful heirloom is delicious and mild.

Lipstick: A delicious pepper with 4-inch long tapered, pimiento
type fruit that are super sweet. This fine pepper is early and ripens well in the north. A flavorful favorite with thick, red flesh.

Purple Beauty: Purple peppers are always a favorite, as they are so colorful. This variety produces loads of beautiful bells on compact, bushy plants. Crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor makes this one popular with everyone.

Black Hungarian:
Unique, black-colored fruit that are the shape of a Jalapeno. They are mildly hot and have a delicious flavor. The tall plants have beautiful purple flowers that make this variety very ornamental. Rare and colorful!

Cayenne Long Thin: Slender, long peppers turn bright-red and are very hot. The 2-feet tall plants are vigorous and productive. This heirloom has been popular many years for drying, using as a spice, and also using medicinally.

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