Friday, March 4, 2011

Liam's Playhouse, Part 2

Mac came over today to help finish Liam's playhouse. Liam was feeling a little better, so we let him outside for a short time to assist and check out his new playhouse. Unfortunately, Ken was still sick, so he was in bed most of the day trying to recuperate.

Below is a photo of the playhouse when we started this morning. On Thursday, the guys finished the main support beams and the entire second story floor; they also finished off the side "walls" and railing of the second story. They decided to leave 5" spaces between the 1 by 6s on the second story so that parents can sit on our front deck and still see their children while they are in the playhouse.

Ken came out for a little bit, and Liam was very excited about helping him hammer nails into the 1 by 6s.

Today, Mac surrounded the entire first floor with 1 by 6s. Liam was excited to see the walls go up.

Below is a photo of the playhouse at the end of the day. We still need to put the roof on, finish off the back wall, add stone facade to the front and sides, and stain it a redwood color to match the lodge. It will probably be another full day of work, but we are definitely enjoying the opportunity to see the fruits of our labor.

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