Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chicks - Week 3

I apologize for writing this update late, but we were swamped this past week with guests at the lodge. So, the chicks are a little more than 3 weeks old now, and it was time to move them to their field pen. There, they can get exercise, sunshine and eat fresh grass and bugs. This saves on my feed bill by as much as 40% and produces a healthier bird.

Here they are in their field pen. The pen is 4' x 8', enough space for them to roam around inside without being too crowded. I'll keep them confined for a couple of days to get settled. Then, I will allow them to free range behind an electrified poultry net. I would also like to provide a small water pond for the duck to use for bathing. For now, I move their pen twice a day to give them fresh grass to eat and to lay on.

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