Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buried in the Snow!

Well, almost. I discovered this when I was checking the guest rooms this morning. The snow fell from the roof on one side of the house and buried a bedroom window and the hall window.

It's good that it is falling off the roof, because we are supposed to get another 8 - 14 inches later this week. That will put us into March! Will it ever melt?


  1. It's interesting to me that West Virginia gets so much snow. I always felt like us New Englanders got it the worst.

    Hopefully in a month, all of this will be a distant memory.

  2. Thomas,

    This isn't normal. So far, we have gotten over 130 inches of snow, with another 30 inches expected this weekend. It is a record, almost double our normal snow fall. Temperatures are 15 degrees below normal. It's been a hard winter.

    The light at the end of my tunnel is March 17. Last year, Liam and I were planting potatoes on March 17. I keep looking at those pictures and hoping.

  3. My new shade perennial garden is buried somewhere under all that snow. I just hope that all the astillbes, foamflowers, hydrangeas, bleeding hearts, hostas, ferns, columbine, etc. that are buried under there live to tell about it. I have a feeling that next year will just be a recovery year for the flower gardens. I've noticed the boxwoods have really taken a hit from the large amounts of snow falling on/crushing them, and I'm just hoping that most of the new fragile plants in the budget garden by the main road survive as well. I was really hoping the itea virginia little henry would do well this year, but now I think I'll be lucky if it even survives.