Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jorene's Perennial Gardens-May 30, 2011

We've been working hard replanting the dry creek bed shade garden with hostas, ferns, hydrangeas, bleeding heart,coral bells, columbine, Solomon's seal, and other shade friendly perennials.

Another view of the shade garden and dry creek bed.

Japanese iris, hostas, blackeyed Susan, coreopsis, and purple clemantis on the trellis.

Purple and white bearded iris.

The little present Thursday night's thunderstorm left us.

A view of the fallen pine tree limb from the other side of the gate.

Native daisies and phlox in the foreground with bearded iris and bluestar blooming in the background.

Pink and white peonies with purple salvia and Japanese iris in the background.

Purple salvia, sedum, and Japanese iris in the foreground. Purple and white bearded iris with pink and white peonies in the background.

Campanula blue bell, armenia dusseldorf pride, and lamb's ear in the foreground with catmint and blue star in the background.

A broader view of the front sun perennial bed.

My favorite clematis.


  1. Wow-that Clematis is spectacular. I've only tried it once (and failed-miserably). Yours is very nice!

  2. Thank you so much. This is the 2d year I've had that particular clematis. It still hasn't grown very tall, but the flowers sure are pretty. Clematis can be a little tricky b/c they like their roots in the shade and their flowers in the sun. I've had a few failures myself, but I find they tend to do well in the back of a flower bed trained on a trellis. Clematis are one of my favorite flowers for a number of different reasons. Perhaps that should be the topic of the next flower blog!