Sunday, February 13, 2011

Starting the Spring Garden

This past week I started our first "wave" of spring vegetables indoors. It felt great to finally be digging in some dirt and planning for the arrival of spring.

All of the seeds I started came from Baker Creek and are non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds. I planted 2 trays of onion seeds (Bronze d'Amposta, Red of Florence, Tropeana Lunga, and Yellow of Parma), Leeks, herbs (dill and basil), 2 flats of lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson, Lotta Rossa, May Queen, and Parris Island Cos), Pak Choy, Extra Dwarf, rhubarb and Asparagus, Mary Washington.

The lettuce and pak choy germinated in two days and has already started to fill out the cells.

I plan to keep everything indoors for two weeks, then repot them and move them to a cold frame. I will start more lettuce and greens in three weeks to keep a succession of these vegetables all season.

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