Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chicks - Week 9

More pictures of our Freedom Ranger chickens, Pekin Ducks and White Holland Turkeys. I really love these Freedom Ranger chickens. Their foraging capabilities is much better than the Cornish Cross. I can't wait to see how the meat tastes, which will be soon. I plan to start butchering later this week.

One curious thing I noticed lately about the ducks is that they act as bouncers for the group. The seems to always be two chickens trying to decide who is the alpha chicken. A duck will actually get out of the pond, run across the field and break up any fights. It's never the same duck. I think the ducks in general don't like fighting. It's funny.

We also added 13 more turkeys to our farm last week. I plan to raise them for Thanksgiving, butchering them around 16 weeks. This will put them in the 20 - 25 pound range when dressed.


  1. Looking Great. And very tasty, too! I think I'm going to look up that Freedom Ranger chicken. :)

  2. Linda - I bought them from J.M. Hatchery, http://www.jmhatchery.com/ . I first read about them this winter in our Animal Welfare Approved newsletter.

  3. Thanks, Ken. They sound just like what we will be needing!