Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goat Pictures

This morning, I let the boer goats free to graze on the hillside. I had to lead them out of the barn. Then, when I walked back in, they followed me back inside. So I led them back out and stood on the hill with them for awhile. They took to eating the brush immediately and seem quite happy. As promised, here are some more pictures of them.


  1. How old are they? I have Kikos and some 5 month kids that still with their Moms. I have 4 sold. Mine are all different sizes, I was amazed. This is my first year.
    I have chickens for eggs. i can't eat something I raised. Except I have long horns and I will eat them..
    sounds like you are having fun

  2. Patsy, They are between 4 - 5 months old. This is our first time raising goats also. How do you like raising the kikos? I read that they are hardy and are better foragers than the boers. I wanted to get kikos but couldn't find a breeder in our area. The boers are fine, though. Yes, they are a lot of fun and are great for my son.