Sunday, January 24, 2010

The New Growing Challenge

I just signed us up for The Growing Challenge, Extreme Edition. The rules are:

  • Grow 3 crops from seed this year
  • Plant the seeds in 3 new people
  • Tell your story
  • Make it seed to seed
We are getting ready to start buying our seeds and starting seeds indoors and outdoors in our low tunnels. All of our seeds will be non-hybrid and non-GMO. Look for upcoming posts as we get started.


  1. Very Cool!
    I just received our seeds in the mail this weekend. I am very excited also. NO GMO! :)
    I am trying to figure out some way of making a place to start the seeds that need a bit more warmth. I really don't have a lot of extra room, but I am going to try.
    So excited to see what we can grow and how much we can produce this year! :)
    Can't wait to see what all you guys are up to as well.

  2. Awesome. Welcome to the Challenge!! I look forward to following your garden.

  3. Chas, We're starting some of the cold weather seeds (leeks, peas) on plastic shelves that we set next to the fireplace in the dining room. It doesn't take up too much space. Liam and Hope know the fireplace is off limits b/c it's HOT, so hopefully they won't mess with the seeds either. Good luck!