Thursday, April 14, 2011

Excavating for our New High Tunnel--Part 1

Today, we began excavating for a high tunnel we plan to build through a co-share with NRCS. It will be 26' x 48' and should help extend our growing season by 4-6 months each year! We're very excited to begin this as it is taking up my entire garden space. I haven't been able to plant anything yet, and I even had to pull up my grapevines and move them.

As you can see, our ground is very uneven. Getting a high tunnel with this large of a footprint in will take some considerable excavating and leveling. There is a 8' of difference from the low end to the high corner.

My friend first began removing the good topsoil that was in the garden. We will save that to put inside the greenhouse after we are finished.

Our interns, Christina and Rhianna are checking out the action.

My contractor cut at the high bank and use the fill to raise the level of the garden.

Rhianna and Christina helped survey the work and check the slope of the land. The work continued for several more hours, with more leveling and sloping of the bank.

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  1. How exciting! Adding that much growing time will be wonderful......
    I am jealous! We suffer from very short growing season here too. I'm trying to get a greenhouse, but there always seems to be other , more "important" projects. Is sanity not important?--LOL!