Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A House for Liam

Today, we started construction on Liam's new playhouse. Actually, I dug holes last week to set the posts. Today, though, was the first day of cutting lumber and pounding nails. It is going to be two stories and modeled after the lodge.

My friend Mac and I picked up some lumber from a local saw mill for the construction. This was from a Spruce tree cut down on our farm 3 years ago.

This is the basic outline of the playhouse, with the posts set in concrete. The double swing is going to come down and be hung on the other end of the swing set.

This is Mac and Beth, our intern, nailing the support beams.

Here is the substructure, all done. On the side will be a 36". The opposite side will be the same.

The front will have an open doorway. The 2 x 6 beams along the top will support the observation deck. The siding will be stained redwood to match the lodge.

Tomorrow, we are planing the deck boards and preparing them to be installed. Liam is very excited about his new house and talks about it every morning.

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